The Commonwealth bridges renewal program is open.

Regulators have approved oil and gas testing in the Great Australian Bight this year.

China’s space agency says cotton seeds planted on the far side of the Moon have sprouted.

British researchers have modelled the immediate phase out of fossil fuel.

A new report questions the strength of horizontal support beams in Sydney’s Opal Tower.

CSIRO experts have offered a bold glimpse into what the robots of the future could look like.

A BHP driver sacked after a train was derailed in the Pilbara is claiming unfair dismissal.

Australian scientists have found a way for astronomers to map elusive dark matter.

Australian liquefied natural gas (LNG) export revenue has risen 67.8 per cent since 2017.

Approval has been granted for an 800MW wind power project in Victoria’s Golden Plains Shire.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX is sacking 10 per cent of its workforce.

The Federal Government has been warned that Australia’s low fuel stockpiles could leave the nation dangerously exposed.

The Hubble Telescope has discovered the brightest ancient quasar ever seen – emitting as much light as about 600 trillion suns.

Australian researchers have found a new complex carbohydrate in barley - the first of its kind to be discovered in over 30 years.

Most Australian businesses now see environmental matters as their most important operational issues.

Australian quantum scientists have used single atom technology to build 3D silicon quantum chips.

Construction has started on a massive lithium plant in WA.

The NSW Government has announced a crackdown on dodgy building certifiers.

Environmental lawyers say Adani unwittingly has provided “persuasive” evidence into allegedly illegal works ...

New investments could bring about the next generation of autonomous vehicle sensing.

Rio Tinto says it has completed the roll out of its autonomous freight train system in iron ore operations in Western Australia.

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