The SA Government says it will send a locally manufactured satellite into orbit.

The humble lobster may hold the key to making concrete stronger.

Australian researchers have come up with a cleaner and greener way to make ammonia.

Defence is reportedly considering scrapping its $80 billion contract with French submarine builder Naval Group.

Millions are being poured into the Victorian recycling sector.

Engineers have spiced up new solar cells by adding a touch of chilli.

At least 12 miners are trapped hundreds of metres underground in a Chinese gold mine.

Australian scientists are developing ‘smart’ stem cells.

A Chinese bidder has bailed on plans to buy Australian builder Probuild.

Concern has been raised about the use of slave labour in producing PPE.

Australian experts are helping design new cathodes for high-performing sodium ion batteries.

Government money will be used to investigate using an underground coal mine for pumped hydro storage.

Experts are working on a new tool to facilitate quicker, error-free software design.

A partner in the Maules Creek coal mine has announced it will divest from thermal coal mines by 2024.

NBN Co has set a 5G long-range transmission world record.

An underrepresented group of engineers are leading a major dam upgrade project on the Sunshine Coast.

Researchers have used a microwave to turn coal into graphite.

Some WA iron ore exports will face new charges aimed at mitigating dust pollution problems.

Some high-tech research has uncovered hints of an unknown quantum particle.

BHP's environmental licences in the Pilbara town of Newman will be tested by the state government.

Engineers have come up with a fish transport system that lets them glide over dam walls, weirs and other barriers.

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