The AER has released its State of the Energy Market 2020 report.

The ALP says it would like to reduce regulations on major projects.

Hydro Tasmania's consulting business has been criticised for its actions in Africa.

Australian scientists have advanced the art of making lab-grown lungs.

Australian engineers are working on new materials to help move beyond lithium-ion batteries.

NSW’s environment minister has approved a new coal mine amid local opposition and a plunging coal price.

The Federal Government re-announced billions in existing military spending this week.

Federal approval has been announced for the Snowy 2.0 project.

Australia's largest insurance company says farmers with coal seam gas (CSG) infrastructure on their property will not be covered for public liability.

Australian researchers have made it possible to 3D print tailor-made heart stents...

The Federal Government still does not have agreement for its $25,000 HomeBuilder subsidy scheme.

The ACTU says the Federal Government is putting the metals industry at risk with its lack of any emissions policy.

CSIRO has revealed a new way to look for gold.

Plans for Australia’s biggest wind farm have been unveiled.

Australian tech firm Atlassian has announced plans to build the world's tallest hybrid timber tower for its new headquarters.

CSIRO and Microsoft are partnering to tackle plastic waste and illegal fishing.

Rules aimed at protecting patients from faulty medical devices have been delayed.

CSIRO is planning to cut jobs in its oil and gas division.

Australian researchers have reviewed exciting new candidates for next-generation spintronics.

A reduction in air pollution during lockdown has led to more sunlight reaching solar panels.

Rio Tinto has launched a review into how it destroyed two sacred Aboriginal sites.

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