The Federal Government is bringing in big business lobbyists and gas industry figures to overhaul its Climate Change Authority (CCA).

An independent report has raised concerns about the risk of drilling new gas wells near contaminated land.

Researchers have used hair waste from a barbershop to improve the performance of solar technology.

Elon Musk’s company Neuralink has posted a clip of a monkey controlling video games with its mind.

Experts say two weeks of winter are holding Australia back from a 100 per cent renewably-powered electricity grid.

Australian nuclear experts are working on nanoparticles to treat brain cancer.

Physicists have found more indications of a fifth fundamental force of nature.

NBN Co is seeking feedback on its proposed $300 million Regional Co-investment Fund.

The first ever powered, controlled flight on another planet will take place in coming days.

Australian researchers are doing more groundwork to usher in the age of quantum computing.

Bitcoin mining in China will soon use as much energy as a major European nation.

The Prime Minister has announced plans for a $1 billion guided missile facility.

An economist has described plans for new coal mines in NSW’s Hunter Valley as “absurd”.

A big bonus for gold miners in WA could be a sign of skills shortage.

The personal details of over half a billion Facebook users have been leaked online.

Regulators are working on new frameworks to ease the transition to a renewable energy system in Australia.

High-tech analysis has been applied to some of the oldest artworks in the world.

CSIRO has welcomed planned US tests of its next-gen solar thermal technology.

Authorities are moving ahead on Australia’s first biomethane-to-gas project.

Australia’s Defence department is exploring the use of ethical AI systems.

A $2 million study will look at how rooftop solar systems respond to ‘contingency events’.

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