The WA Government has rejected guidelines from its own EPA requiring major LNG projects to be carbon neutral.

Scientists say the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) could be downplaying global threats.

A disused mine in far north Queensland is leaching toxic water into waterways.

Federal, state and local governments have come together to sign a $551 million Adelaide City Deal.

An old Toyota car plant in Victoria is being turned into a renewable energy hub to produce hydrogen fuels.

Authorities have come up with a long list of safety issues at Clive Palmer's nickel refinery.

Australian researchers have overcome a fundamental hurdle to building quantum computers in silicon.

BHP is pouring $1.34 billion into petroleum prospects off the United States and Mexico.

Geoscience Australia has released a new strategy to help Australian industries use satellite data.

Australian researchers have made it possible to do genomic analysis on a phone.

A new study has slammed Bitcoin mining technology for its large environmental costs.

CSIRO has launched a giant, purpose-built research facility for robotics and AI systems.

The NSW government appears to be planning to raise parts of the Warragamba Dam wall significantly higher than it has said publicly.

The Queensland Government has responded to the death of an engineered stone worker.

Woodside Energy is concerned about new EPA rules in WA.

One expert is questioning the barriers to tech innovation in healthcare.

Scientists and ethicists from seven countries have called for a global moratorium on human genome editing.

The Victorian Government wants new planning mechanisms to help a rapid uptake of large-scale renewable energy.

New estimates say air pollution is responsible for up to 8.8 million extra deaths around the world each year.

A WA Government-funded study into the effectiveness of a personal shark deterrent has come up with some mixed results.

A dispute over a taxpayer-funded water pipeline could end up in court.

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