Former defence minister Brendan Nelson has received a plum posting as president of Boeing Australia.

The discovery of contaminated soil could see over 100 workers on Victoria’s West Gate Tunnel project sacked.

Victoria’s EPA has approved a $150 million waste-to-energy plant expected to power 20,000 homes.

The world's largest and most sensitive radio telescope is ready to run.

Homicide charges have been laid over a dam disaster last year that killed more than 250 people.

A new independent national taskforce is tackling the significant deficit in the numbers of women studying engineering.

The NSW Government has proposed measures to clamp down on dodgy developers.

Experts say houses should not be built in bushfire-prone areas.

Years of plant research have been destroyed by hailstorms in the ACT.

The Federal Government is helping fund Australia’s second large scale energy-from-waste plant in Western Australia.

Australia’s $80 billion future submarines program has hit a nine-month delay.

CSIRO scientists have genetically engineered mosquitos that are resistant to spreading the dengue virus.

The Australian Government has signed a joint statement of cooperation on hydrogen fuel with Japan.

The WA town of Denham is on track to become a zero-emission community with the help of hydrogen power.

The world's largest fund manager says it will reduce its exposure to thermal coal.

Australian researchers have used liquid metals to develop new bacteria-shredding technology.

A leading Australian economist says Australia can have zero emissions and still profit from minerals.

Toyota, Mazda and Suzuki are running voluntary recalls of more than 18,000 vehicles manufactured between 1996 and 1999 over airbag safety concerns.

Defence is looking for a supplier for a $600 million Navy IT upgrade.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has suggested the government may bolster its carbon emission reduction efforts.

Installations of small-scale rooftop solar panels surged last December.

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