International authorities say fossil fuel investment increased in 2018, but renewables stalled.

A new deal has been signed for the construction of a 50MW/200MWh battery storage system in South Australia.

Norwegian energy giant Equinor is not changing its plan to look for oil in the Great Australian Bight.

Mining giant BHP is facing a US$5 billion claim over Brazil's worst environmental disaster.

New subsea cables connecting Singapore-Perth and Perth-Sydney are “about to go live”.

The Liberal Party’s election win leaves Australia with an energy plan considered woefully sub-standard by some.

Engineers have come up with a low-cost, passive method for groundwater exploration.

Ten per cent of oxygen comes from just one kind of bacteria – one that is susceptible to plastic pollution.

South Australia’s giant Tesla battery has delivered a $22 million profit in its first full year of operation.

WaterNSW has called for a curb on mining for two big coal mines in Sydney's catchment.

CSIRO was pushed to accept the Federal Government’s approval of the Adani’s groundwater plans, reports say.

A new Australian electric vehicle company says it will start production next year.

Experts say Australia is in a STEM teaching crisis.

The Queensland government is seeking a further review of Adani’s groundwater plans.

A new robot is monitoring environmental water quality in Queensland.

The Federal Government wants to pay companies to test space equipment in Australia.

The UN’s former climate czar has called out “appalling inaction in Canberra” on climate change.

A new report warns climate change is a major threat to Australia’s financial stability, and poses substantial systemic economic risks.

Failures by the NT Government have allowed substandard iron ore mining operations to continue unchecked.

A new report warns of a corrosion risk for Australia’s fleet of Joint Strike Fighter jets.

Reports say police face-matching software used during the Commonwealth Games was rushed and ineffective.

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