Crisis talks have been called after the death of a worker in a Queensland coal mine.

Authorities have proposed a groundwater ban in part of Adelaide because of contamination from uranium and degreasing chemicals.

South Australia's Mining Act reform has passed the Lower House despite four Liberal MPs crossing the floor to vote against it.

There are new claims that the Murray Darling scheme has become a colossal waste of money.

Experts say the global liquefied natural gas (LNG) boom could contribute to climate change as much as coal.

Another miniature Australian satellite will soon be in orbit.

Australian surgeons have restored a high degree of arm and hand movement to patients with tetraplegia - paralysis of both upper and lower limbs.

New research shows women working in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields are facing barriers that require attitude changes and additional support.

MIT has announced plans to set up a new research centre in Adelaide's Lot Fourteen CBD innovation precinct.

Geoscience Australia says budget cuts and increased costs have left it seeking $5 million in savings.

Experts say emissions from current and planned energy infrastructure will take the world past 1.5°C of warming.

Questions have been asked about the Morrison government's planned review of the industrial relations system.

A floating Russian nuclear power plant will soon take to the seas.

A new report has warned of a toxic “ticking time bomb” of coal ash waste.

Australian researchers say hyper-thin ‘nanosheets’ could be a key ingredient for next-gen solar cells.

Fortescue has officially opened its Herb Elliott Port at Port Hedland, Western Australia.

Tech specialists have developed a set of techniques to effectively ‘vaccinate’ against attacks on machine learning.

Whistleblowers in a Queensland contamination scandal have spoken out.

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