The Federal Health Minister says Australia's COVID-19 studies could make it a leader in future medical research and clinical trials.

Millions have been raised for a new wastewater-to-renewable hydrogen project.

The world's largest all-electric commercial aircraft has taken off.

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) is working with the renewable energy industry to develop priorities for Australia’s energy transition.

The NSW Government has voted down a bill to temporarily stop coal seam gas activity.

Australian nuclear scientists have created ultrathin nanosheets that can separate ions from water.

Authorities have welcomed a wave of interest in building Australia’s first commercial scale hydrogen projects.

Economists say a renewables-led economic recovery would create far more jobs than a fossil-fuel-led recovery.

Scientists have turned human cells transparent.

Australian researchers have come up with a high-tech way to assemble single nanoparticles for futuristic devices.

Indigenous Affairs Minister Ken Wyatt says no Aboriginal site should ever be damaged by mining, but another could be on the block.

An exclusion zone has been set up after repeated gas incidents at a Queensland coal mine.

Former senior public servants have called for a carbon price to be brought back.

Research engineers say double-sided solar panels which tilt to follow the sun may be the most cost-effective model.

Scientists have grown skin with hair in the lab.

Australian researchers have set a record for carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) using a high-tech sponge filled with tiny magnets.

The Government says the NBN rollout is now 99 per cent complete.

The Federal Government has announced new $25,000 HomeBuilder cash grants.

An interesting maths trick may make eye surgery simpler.

Australian researchers are working on new methods to recycle rubber over and again.

The owners of Sydney’s Mascot Towers have voted to sue the developer of a neighbouring building.

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