Research backed by some of Australia's biggest players says the country can cut 88 per cent of heavy industry emissions.

The Federal Government is funding a study of low emissions steel production at Port Kembla in New South Wales.

The competition regulator has issued a report showing the scale of recent power price rises.

The Federal Government is working on a “capacity mechanism” to ensure stability in the national electricity grid, paying coal and gas generators for reliable supplies.

Experts say an end-of-life plan is needed for wind turbine blades.

Australia’s richest man says there is “not a snowflake’s chance in hell” of a global recession this year.

Japanese scientists have created “sweaty” organic skin for robots that can heal itself.

Experts have tested telecoms cables on the seafloor as a detector for earthquakes, tsunamis and the effects of climate change

Experts warn that loose renewable energy certificates could undermine emissions reduction efforts.

The European Union has ruled that all smartphones will require the same charger from 2024.

The competition regulator has some concerns about Aurizon’s proposed One Rail acquisition.

A study of prehistoric stone tools shows the interconnectedness of early humans.

The bizarre world of quantum physics allows for the existence of ‘time crystals’, according to a new study.

Researchers are working on a way to predict what mineral resources will be generated on the ocean floor.

More delays suggest Snowy Hydro will not be the saviour that the former LNP government claimed it would.

Australia’s energy woes are being exacerbated by coal-fired generator outages.

The NSW Government says it will invest $1.2 billion over the next 10 years into renewable energy.

Australia’s major gass lobby says spot price markets and coal failures are behind recent pressure on power prices.

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton may have jeopardised multi-billion-dollar submarine plans by divulging sensitive discussions ...

Experts have found massive underreporting of direct coal mine methane emissions.

Engineers have used nanostructured fibres to impersonate human muscles.

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XENOTRANSPLANTATION - sounds like something that would happen to an ill-fated crew member in Star Trek, but it is also a technical term for using non-human parts to treat or enhance our own bodies. 

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I am Tim Hall; a red-blooded, beer-drinking, car-driving Australian male who has no interest in watching sports – at least, not the sports played by humans.

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