NBN Co wants to use technology to enhance agriculture.

The US and China have announced a surprise climate deal.

Australian engineers have created the thinnest X-ray detector ever produced.

Next year, NASA will crash a spacecraft into an asteroid to test ideas for planetary defence.

The Morrison Government has made a bold u-turn in its stance on electric vehicles (EVs).

Aluminium giant Alcoa says it will restart a dormant potline at its Portland smelter in south-west Victoria.

Experts are working on a way to disinfect hip replacements after they have been implanted.

A new centre has been created to train a workforce in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.

Global greenhouse gas emissions are almost back to pre-pandemic levels.

Swiss engineers say they can create aviation fuel out of thin air.

The Australian Government is investing in the world’s heaviest fuel cell electric trucks.

CSIRO has provided new insights into the future supply and demand of metals critical for the renewable energy revolution.

BHP has sold its stake in a metallurgical coal joint venture in Queensland.

Fuel retailers have been warned that electric vehicles may be cheaper than petrol cars as soon as 2025.

Experts suggest government agencies use blockchain technology to secure vaccination certificates.

NSW is looking to use quantum technology to run its transport network.

Safety investigators are running an independent review of NSW’s $40 billion Transport Asset Holding Entity (TAHE).

The competition watchdog wants legal changes to stop “cartel activity” by global freight companies.

Australia’s privacy commissioner has ordered facial recognition company Clearview AI to stop scanning the faces of Australians.

What were once considered random dust specks on microscope slides turn out to be our ancient, spineless ancestors.

Queensland researchers are working on unbreakable phone screens.

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