The Federal Government has pledged to create jobs and spur investment in new energy industries.

Taxpayer funds are helping developer ACEN to build an 8 GW renewables portfolio.

The WA Government has put up $5.5 million to accelerate a planned Hydrogen Hub.

Rio Tinto is looking to hire an army of software developers.

Experts say satellites can track power station emissions in real-time, leaving polluters nowhere to hide.

Experts say the world’s dependence on fossil fuels continues to threaten human health.

Australian researchers are manufacturing blood vessels.

The Australian military is struggling to meet ambitious recruitment and retention targets.

South Africa's largest gold miner is buying up Australian copper.

Sound waves are being used to levitate tiny objects in the air.

Australian engineers have trapped polaritons in an engineered quantum box.

The Federal Government says Australia will sign up to a global pledge to reduce methane emissions.

This week’s federal budget includes nearly $2 billion for new Defence communications tech.

The NSW Government says it will raise the Warragamba Dam wall with or without federal funding.

Local experts have found a new use for the Australian-made Vortex Fluidic Device - water purification.

Some Queenslanders want a dam repair project to be exempt from an audit of regional spending promises.

Experts say new types of sustainable concrete could cut emissions and use waste for better buildings.

The science minister has warned CSIRO not to ‘rent out’ its brand to gas companies.

Experts have launched a new micro-probe for mineral research.

Human brain cells in a dish have learned to play Pong.

Coking coal production is set to increase in Queensland, despite the state’s bold clean energy plan.

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