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Fifield flung into Turnbull's old trade

21 September 2015

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has freed himself of responsibility for Communications, appointing Senator Mitch Fifield to the ministerial position.

Chevron shifting could be in billions

21 September 2015

The world's biggest trade union says US energy giant Chevron has been profit-shifting to drive down the tax it pays in Australia.

Low cost catalysts for water-fueled future

16 September 2015

Engineers have developed a new way to create hydrogen fuel with a method potentially hundreds of times cheaper than before.

Robot arm feels like the future

15 September 2015

Engineers in the US have reported on an advanced robotic hand wired directly into a paralysed man’s brain, providing feedback that allows him to ‘feel’.

Mining firm floats benefits of wave power

14 September 2015

The WA port city of Bunbury will play host to the trial of an exciting new power source.

Exciting step for mechanical exo-suit

09 September 2015

A man who is paralysed from the waist down has taken his first step in four years – with the help of a high-tech exoskeleton.

Seeking sulphur for exploration boost

08 September 2015

Researchers at Perth’s Centre for Exploration Targeting (CET) say sulphur could help find new mining deposits.

Phone calls show the weight of union heavies

07 September 2015

The trade union corruption inquiry has heard secretly-recorded phone calls that allegedly reveal thuggery and workplace manipulation in action.

Sea-bot to strike at Reef scourge

07 September 2015

A new robot is helping humans address serious issues in nature.

Pacific Highway progresses passed halfway point

02 April 2013

The Federal Government has released the latest six-month Report Card on the state of the rollout of the Pacific Highway duplication, concluding that the project has officially cracked the halfway marker.

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