US regulators want to oust Elon Musk as chief executive of Tesla on allegations of securities fraud.

Qantas has announced plans to build a multi-million-dollar pilot training centre in Queensland.

Nanoparticles from green mango peel could be used to clean up oil sludge.

Patterns have been observed in academic grades of 1.6 million students, showing that girls and boys perform very similarly in STEM.

Experts say highly saline flows from the Sydney Desalination Plant will not affect surrounding marine life as commonly believed.

Australia’s national science agency wants to get involved in NASA’s plan to build a Moon base.

Australia’s new icebreaker has passed the most important test of a seagoing vessel – proving it floats.

Adani has triggered a new regulatory process for the rail line to its planned Carmichael coal mine.

ASIC says Australian companies should do more to disclose risks posed by climate change.

An Australian producer is preparing to ship high-tech lithium-iron internationally.

Reports say the NT Government seeks “approval” from gas giant Inpex before it releases details on the project.

Australian researchers have designed a nano-filter that can clean dirty water over 100 times faster than current technology.

Queensland is paving the way for construction of a $400 million waste-to-energy incinerator near Brisbane.

Scientists are testing ways to catch ‘space junk’ - old rocket and spacecraft parts orbiting the Earth.

The tide of excitement about wave energy could be on its way out.

The Federal Government has ruled Adani does not need a full environmental impact assessment to extract 12.5 billion litres ...

The owners of a longwall mining operation have been ordered to fix a damaged creek in NSW.

Environmental concern has clouded the launch of a hazardous waste dump in southern Tasmania.

Australian researchers have come up with a metal strip that can remove impurities like dyes and heavy metals from water.

Basslink has officially raised a dispute with Hydro Tasmania over the failure of the subsea cable.

The mining industry is being confronted about the danger of underground diesel fumes.

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