The NSW Government says it will raise the Warragamba Dam wall with or without federal funding.

Local experts have found a new use for the Australian-made Vortex Fluidic Device - water purification.

Some Queenslanders want a dam repair project to be exempt from an audit of regional spending promises.

Experts say new types of sustainable concrete could cut emissions and use waste for better buildings.

The science minister has warned CSIRO not to ‘rent out’ its brand to gas companies.

Experts have launched a new micro-probe for mineral research.

Human brain cells in a dish have learned to play Pong.

Coking coal production is set to increase in Queensland, despite the state’s bold clean energy plan.

The CEFC says its latest investment could supercharge solar panel efficiency and drive down costs.

The Australian Workers Union (AWU) says federal Labor is risking thousands of jobs with its “dud handshake agreement” with exporters.

The WMO says the world needs to double its clean energy supply before 2030.

Experts say mineral security is essential to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, but is not explicitly part of them.

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet says it is critical to raise the Warragamba Dam wall.

The Northern Territory's first lithium mine has opened.

Australia's former Energy Security Board chair has been chosen to scrutinise the controversial 1,700km Inland Rail project.

An official report says Australia is facing a “staggering” skills shortage.

Fortescue and Incitec Pivot are planning to convert an ammonia facility in Queensland to run on green hydrogen.

CSIRO is offering its expertise to support businesses working in the cyber security sector.

Engineers have retrofitted a diesel engine to run on 90 per cent hydrogen.

The Albanese government says it will set up an “early warning” system for military projects running late and over budget.

A new report finds young Australians face a lifetime of labour change.

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