Researchers are working on ‘optical tweezers’, which use the force of light for biomedical research.

New South Wales has announced a $750 million scheme to help clean up big emitters.

Australia’s former chief scientist is on a global lobbying blitz, ensuring the world that Australia has an emissions plan.

Sexual assault allegations could see signfiicant government work delayed.

Rio Tinto has announced that more top figures are resigning.

Scientists have developed a high-tech method of testing cheese.

Scientists have used a weather radar to peer inside cells.

Authorities are redefining ‘reliability’ to respond to the rise of renewables.

The Prime Minister has marked the site of Australia’s first advanced manufacturing facility for lithium-ion batteries.

A new report shows the mining of bitcoin uses more electricity than several entire nations.

Experts have released what they say is a glimpse of the future of trauma care.

Authorities are responding to a cyber attack on a weakness in Microsoft’s enterprise email software.

Consulting giant Ernst and Young has been accused of overvaluing a coal mine project by hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Queensland Government will continue to employ someone in the position of ‘Chief Entrepreneur’.

Drones may soon be used to spot burst water pipes.

UNESCO says Australia’s unique marine habitats are some of the world’s largest stores of carbon dioxide.

Concern has been raised about the effect of a coal mine expansion on key swamplands in NSW.

Thousands of Brisbane 2011 flood victims have secured partial settlement in a class action.

Researchers have taken a big step toward molecular-scale electronics.

Renewable energy firm Neoen has secured $160 million in funding for its Victorian Big Battery (VBB) project.

Cultivated bacteria are being used to clean sewage at a wastewater plant in Brisbane.

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