Women in APS 3-4 Career & Leadership Toolkit


16th & 18th March 2021

Designed with you in mind, this two-session seminar will help you reach new heights of professional performance and set you on your leadership journey with confidence. Learn how to identify and mobilise your strengths and networks, build your professional brand and presence, increase your influence and decode your organisation’s power matrix, build resilience in yourself so you can take setbacks in your stride and chart a roadmap of your future career progression into leadership. Join us to develop the right mindset, skillset and toolset to shine brightly in your role and break new ground for women in public sector leadership.

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Participating in this seminar will teach you to:

  • Direct your career forward by discovering your strengths, inhibitors and most valuable networks
  • Cultivate greater confidence and presence in your organisation to emphasise your value
  • Increase your impact and influence by mapping your organisation’s power terrain and define techniques to influence key stakeholders
  • Develop and maintain professional resilience with proactive and reactive strategies
  • Overcome the challenges you face at work with simple performance hacks from a seasoned executive coach and HR leader

This seminar is:

  • Designed to minimise time ‘out of the office’ so you can stay on top of your work
  • Evidence-based and time-tested. This is a waffle-free zone, these strategies are 100% effective
  • Tailored for you. With content and learning activities designed with your role and your challenges in mind

Who should attend?

Aspiring, emerging and existing female leaders across the Australian Public Sector in APS3 - APS4 or state-based equivalent roles such as:

  • Officers
  • Managers
  • Advisors
  • Engineers
  • Inspectors
  • Analysts

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