Essential Negotiation and Influence Skills for Effective Leaders


Half Day Online Seminar
27 March 2023
9:30am - 12:30pm AEDT


We've seen unresolved conflicts derail a team or a relationship, we have been involved in an important project that ran over time resulting in costly delays, we’ve lost a core member of our team due to avoidance of a difficult conversation or negotiation. Everyone has, at some point, experienced the cost of a poor negotiation.

Whether you negotiate budgets or contracts, deliverables from peers, pay-rises with your team or even how to get your kids to eat their veggies, using a comprehensive approach, as shared by Dan, will help you to drive consistently better outcomes.

This practical online seminar teaches a variety of proven techniques that you can use in your negotiations with others. It is just as applicable whether you are negotiating with a member of your team or with an external client or contractor.

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Key benefits for you:

  • Learn tried & tested techniques to negotiate and influence successfully
  • Experience an in-seminar negotiation to practise & hone your skills
  • Create impact back at work with the confidence to analyse, plan and manage different types of negotiations
  • Approach negotiations from an informed perspective
  • Learn the difference between various types of negotiation and how to engage in each of them effectively
  • Develop the skills to predict and influence behaviour
  • Plan negotiations strategically & systematically to effect the outcome you desire

Key benefits for your organisation:

  • Negotiate contracts, budgets, policy (and more) with confidence
  • Deal effectively & assertively with internal and external stakeholders
  • Better understand how to negotiate with the private sector
  • Resolve and manage conflict within your team and wider organisation

Meet the Facilitator:

Dan Hughes, The Negotiating Guru, Founder & Director | bridge][ability

Dan has worked with a list of clients including The UK Government (Ministry of Defence, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Dept for Exiting the EU etc), Fujitsu, Tesco, BBC Worldwide, Deutsche Bank, Asda, Unilever, Mars, The Football Association and most Premier League football clubs, amongst many others.

Apart from his media work and speaking engagements worldwide, his time is spent training his corporate clients in the art of negotiation, or consulting on negotiation projects such as M&A, Joint Business Plans or price increases.

He is now viewed as one of the world’s leading authorities on negotiation.

Who should attend?

This programme would benefit any manager or leader who negotiates regularly in their role, including those responsible for influencing inside and outside their organisation.

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