Contract Law Fundamentals


This course informs business and government about contracts, delivering critical legal knowledge for anyone who has any exposure to contracts of whatever size, value and type. During the one day intensive program you will examine the law and commercial factors affecting the contract lifecycle, from formation, through performance to completion, you will be provided with essential guidance on:

  • understanding clauses and terminology
  • risk identification; allocation and management
  • standard form contract and general contract termination, and 
  • dispute resolution.

With this knowledge, you can ensure that contracts are prepared properly from the outset, setting a clear path to maximise outcomes. You will be provided with the tools and knowledge to know your rights when you are not getting what you expect out of your contract. You will also learn how to recognise whether the contract is on the right path, and how to end the relationship either amicably or through dispute, when it is not. Incorporating a focus on interactive workshops and real- life case studies, this course covers all the need-to-know essentials.


  • SESSION 1 Contract Formation Essentials
  • WORKSHOP Defining Contract Formation During Negotiation and Battle of the Forms
  • SESSION 2 Heads of Agreement – explained and explored
  • SESSION 3 Engaging the market – contractual issues in the tender process
  • WORKSHOP The Process Contract - Exclusion of Contract and Excluding Liability
  • SESSION 4 Intellectual Property
  • SESSION 5 Liability, Indemnity, Warranties and Insurance
  • WORKSHOP Risk Allocation (participants will work in groups to consider appropriate risk allocation in a dummy project)
  • SESSION 6 Managing Contracts through a Recession
  • SESSION 7 Breach of Contract
  • SESSION 8 General Question and Answer

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Practising for in both the private and public sector, Scott Alden works on large strategic projects and infrastructure projects, and advises clients in relation to commercial contracts, procurement and probity. Scott has specific expertise in government and commercial law, infrastructure projects, general contractual and legislative advice and the tendering process and commercial contracts of all kinds and sizes and for all industries.

Scott is a Partner at Holding Redlich. He has experience in major developments such as government capital and services procurement and infrastructure contracts and performance. Scott is also highly regarded in the areas of government, water, defence, public transport infrastructure (buses, trains and ferries), IT requirements, tertiary institutions (universities) and ports.


  • MELBOURNE March 3rd, September 15 
  • SYDNEY March 24, October 25 
  • BRISBANE April 3, October 13 

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