Federal Employment Minister Eric Abetz has used a speech to a large workforce and labour conference to outline the LNP’s plans for reform.

A fascinating research project has seen two people send emails directly to each others’ minds.

An architecture and design firm has put out plans for massive development in Australia's north, in a town where crocodiles outnumber humans 1,000 to one.

The Federal Government is planning to let regional businesses pay foreign workers differently to locals.

A new site has been set up for some astounding pieces of science gear to be housed in Australia.

A cost-benefit analysis of National Broadband Network (NBN) plans has shown the Coalition model could deliver nine times the benefits Labor’s would have.

The robots are coming – and they want our rainforests.

The NSW Opposition says documents revealing harmful spills of pollutants should be publicly available.

One of Australia’s youngest scientific laser-wranglers has received a $25,000 boost to her high-tech water filter work.

The sudden explosion of a multi-million dollar engineering project has been dubbed “an anomaly”.

An Australian university-run project has seen teams of young engineers design and build houses for rural Cambodian communities.

Australian students have made a technological breakthrough that may herald a new age of robotics and automation in our daily lives.

Indian mining firm Adani is looking to hire 5,000 workers for the Carmichael coal project in Queensland.

Authorities say safety will not be compromised now that airline passengers can keep their devices switched on during take-off and landing.

Federal industry minister Ian MacFarlane is working on a plan for a national gas network.

Concern is churning-up as a Canadian company prepares to launch a new mining project on the sea floor near Papua New Guinea.

The Australian Federal Government’s skittishness about renewable energy systems has forced one solar power giant to look elsewhere.

As major car-makers Toyota, Hyundai and Honda prepare to release vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells, a new device could help the spread of advanced transport.

The Western Australian Government has announced an inquiry into suicides among fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) workers.

One regional capital and its residents will have to move, as rising sea levels bring oceanfront views too close for comfort.

An experimental energy company has secured $US2 million to build a molten salt reactor that eats nuclear waste.

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