Ergon Energy has embarked on a half-million dollar effort to stop birds running into powerlines.

Birdstrike has become a serious issue for energy infrastructure around the Queensland town of Tambo, where large birds have clashed with key bit of equipment, tripping out the system and leaving locals with some fairly intermittent supplies.

State electricity provider Ergon Energy has now launched a $550,000 project to dissuade two birds with one stone - protecting power supplies and improving reliability.

Ergon's Steve Leighton told the ABC that certain birds have taken a toll from the company’s bottom line.

“Recently we had an issue on the Muttaburra line,” he said.

“There are dry conditions, there is some feed on the road and the birds get on the road and then fly into the lines.”

“There are a large number of bird strikes happening along the line and it is predominantly because the conductor spacing is a problem with the large wingspans of the birds - like the Plains Turkeys - that seem to be hitting the line,” he said.

Mr Leighton said the project would involve the widening of some equipment.

“We elevate the centre conductor, so that it gives us more spacing between the conductors so that if a bird does hit the line, it doesn't flash across between the phases and make the protection equipment operate,” he said.

“The project is worth about $550,000. It will start in July and will take around 12 weeks to complete.”