An Australian company has released the latest version of a smartphone app to help all kinds of workplace safety auditing.

Queensland-based safety tech company SafetyCulture has announced the arrival of its iAuditor for Android app version 1.6.0 – the latest iteration of the mobile software full of features to maintain safety in many workplaces.

iAuditor is certainly taking off among tech-savvy safety monitors. It is becoming known for a number of innovative functions for fleet vehicle inspections, cloud-sharing of reports, ease of use, image integration and other helpful additions.

The newest version includes updates to templates for audits, extra setting to customise the experience and better stability.

The app can provide a number of benefits to any person or company who has to frequently complete safety and compliance checklists. It can be modified down to a simple Yes/No/NA interface, or use to create a dynamic and fully comprehensive list covering many branches and sub-categories.

Over 5.5 million audits have been completed with the phone-based tool since it was launched early last year.

The app is accessible here.