First listed on: 14 December 2022

ASD 4, 5, 6 & EL1 - Cyber Security Mitigation Technologist 

$86,314 - $204,835 - Total Remuneration Package
Canberra - ACT

The Role
The Research on Operational, Critical and Emerging Technology (ROCET) Team is seeking multiple candidates for each of the following positions:

  • ASD4, ASD5, and ASD6 Cyber Security Mitigation Technologists, and 
  • EL1 Cyber Security Mitigation Technologist managers.

Applicants who have engineering, technical research, cyber skills, or related experience in any of the following areas are strongly encouraged to apply:

  • Development or deployment of next-generation consumer and enterprise technologies,
  • Wireless communication systems and protocols,
  • Operational technology cyber security,
  • Practical cybersecurity analysis of devices and software,
  • Engineering (eg. network, control systems, power, mechatronics, computer)
  • Mitigation development, implementation and testing
  • Software development, and
  • Lab support and management.

Furthermore, applicants who have skills in cyber-related project and programme management are also strongly encouraged to apply.

Previous experience or knowledge of cyber security is not essential.

About our Team
The Research on Operational, Critical and Emerging Technology (ROCET) team is responsible for delivering technical advice relating to the cyber security of operational, critical and emerging technologies. Partnering with industry, academia and our international partners, ROCET assesses potential cyber security risks and develops advice and publications for a variety of stakeholders.

Our goal is to foster national cyber security resilience through the provision of timely, trusted and quality cyber security advice. In ROCET, you will have a unique opportunity to apply your passion for technology in a way that directly contributes to enhancing Australia’s national security.

As a Cyber Security Mitigation Technologist, you will stay abreast of the latest domestic and international developments in technology, explore the risks of these technologies, test and assess the effectiveness of current and novel cyber security mitigations, and develop valuable advice for both internal and external stakeholders. You will be provided with on-the-job training and access to relevant industry courses and resources in order to grow your technical skillset.

Our Ideal Candidate
Our ideal candidate is passionate, curious and keen to learn and apply their skills and experience in pursuit of the broader ASD mission.

ROCET is looking for candidates that have an appreciation for the strategic implications of operational, critical and emerging technologies as well as the security considerations and are able to:

  • apply technical experience and understanding to a variety of research problems,
  • write and communicate effectively, with a focus on conveying technical concepts to a non-technical audience,
  • represent the team and agency in engagements, including industry forums and workshops,
  • contribute to the development and maintenance of lab infrastructure, including IT and OT,
  • prioritise competing tasks and manage their time appropriately,
  • plan and project manage work milestones to achieve long-term goals,
  • produce quality advice in situations where guidance is limited, and
  • work collaboratively within a large team.

Applicants who have skills in cyber-related project and program management are also strongly encouraged to apply.

Previous experience or knowledge of cyber security is not essential. 

Our Ideal candidate

Application Closing Date: Sunday 29 January 2023.

For further information please review the job information pack, reference ASD/09012/22 on 

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