COP28 has seen the world acknowledge the end of the reign of fossil fuels.

Greenpeace is taking legal action over climate misrepresentations.

The Federal Government has put up $17 million for new ‘AI Adopt’ centres.

Victoria appears to have listened to councils’ demands for climate consideration in planning.

Delayed road and rail projects have provided billions in budget savings.

Unwillingness to cut fossil fuels could see the COP28 talks end with a whimper.

Engineers are looking at how natural antibiotics evolve to unlock new treatments for deadly superbugs.

Infrastructure Australia (IA) says shortages in steel and building materials could impact critical projects.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) wants a human-centred economic revolution.

Miners and other big businesses face new union resilience following Labor’s IR changes.

AEMO says a strong pipeline of energy projects is progressing through the NEM connection process.

Industrial action could shut down multiple Australian coal mines.

Australian Climate Change and Energy Minister Chris Bowen has joined a last-ditch effort to phase out fossil fuels at the COP28 summit.

Australia's top oil and gas companies, Santos and Woodside, are in talks for an $80 billion merger.

New stats show about 40 per cent of the world's power generation is now renewable.

The offshore oil regulator has been criticised for recent approvals.

Victoria's Ombudsman has issued a report condemning the “creeping politicisation” of the state's public service.

CSIRO has outlined key AI opportunities for Australia.

New technology will see Australia aid future missions to Mars.

The Albanese Government has presented a bill to strengthen the Australian Research Council (ARC).

Australia's magic mushrooms could help breed tomorrow's “designer ‘shrooms”.

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