Australian researchers have developed a program to sift through space signals and search for alien life.

A new study suggests many countries are underestimating methane emissions from offshore oil and gas production.

Researchers have successfully split seawater to produce green hydrogen without pre-treatment.

Experts say that a cheap smartglove could reduce birth complications.

India’s Adani Group is responding to allegations of “brazen stock manipulation”.

Plans for a $116 million hydrogen electrolyser factory in Queensland appear to be falling apart.

Authorities are scrambling to find a potentially deadly radioactive capsule lost in the WA desert.

The EU and US have agreed to share AI models, but keep key data at home.

The Defence Minister says Australia will limit its military spending while also addressing rising risks.

Scientists have created a robot that can shift between liquid and solid states, not unlike a tiny T-1000 Terminator.

Tesla has posted record net income from the fourth quarter of last year.

The Gomeroi people in New South Wales' west want major changes after a tribunal ruled in favour of a coal seam gas project ...

The Federal Government may scale back defence projects to better use taxpayers’ money.

Fortescue says it is likely that renewables will outpace its iron ore business.

One of the world’s most important artificial materials is coming back in vogue.

Whitehaven Coal has said it has enjoyed a record half-year result.

Researchers are turning to shark skin and dragonfly wings for new nanotech.

Advocates want to launch a space mission from NT’s Arnhem Land in coming years.

Bold plans to pipe solar energy from Australia to Singapore have gone quiet.

The Department of Defence wants new minds to work on quantum communication technologies.

Light-activated nanotech has been used to eradicate some of the most notorious and potentially deadly bacteria in the world.

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