A former PM has called for the Darwin Port lease to a Chinese company to be reviewed.

The Prime Minister says a military build-up in NT is not a message to China, but has backed claims about war with the global giant.

The Coalition has proposed using a government-owned company to build its own gas-fired power station.

Australian researchers are building new drones based on a 300-million-year-old flying machine - the dragonfly.

New funding will help experts explore using magnetic nanoparticles to strip microplastics out of waterways.

Waste company Bingo Industries has agreed to a $2.3 billion buyout.

Engineers are looking at the human body for design tips.

Experts say the world is spending 173 per cent of its natural resource capacity.

Alinta Energy is planning a 100MW big battery next to its Wagerup peaking gas and diesel plant.

Regulators have approved planned costs for upgrading the Victoria to New South Wales Interconnector.

Authorities have given some details on the bizarre story of an unused slice of the internet.

A new report shows Australian governments spend $19,000 a minute in fossil fuel subsidies.

The NSW government is paying $100 million to stop coal mining on prime agricultural land.

The Northern Territory has torn up a $1.3 million contract for a Beetaloo Basin fracking study.

Radar satellites could become a central part of natural disaster planning.

Experts say Australian airports could generate enough solar energy to power a regional city.

The University of Queensland is continuing to re-engineer its COVID-19 vaccine.

A new secondment program is letting Defence staff get hands-on with industry.

The Federal Government has torn up Victoria’s Belt and Road agreements with China.

The Victorian Government has put up $50 million for its own vaccine-making facility.

A giant joint project is seeking federal approval to drill up to 7,700 new gas wells in Queensland.

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