An Australian telescope has scanned over 3 million galaxies to create a new atlas of the Universe.

Australia’s military and defence spending is reaching an eye-watering level.

Researchers are trying to make barcodes about a million times smaller.

It appears unlikely that Victoria will change its stance on uranium mining.

Australian researchers say their new breakthrough could unlock body-heat powered personal devices.

New funding has been provided for Australia’s first remote microgrid using renewable hydrogen generation.

New renewable sources should help shore up reliability this summer.

A $125 million investment has been made to support Snowy 2.0 grid development.

Experts say it is more important than ever to learn from ancient Australian cultures.

The WMO says the industrial slowdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic has not curbed record levels of greenhouse gases.

The Narrabri Gas Project has received federal approval, despite concerns for water resources.

Australian researchers have again improved the technology for 3D-printing human organs.

ANSTO has appointed one of the world’s leading plasma accelerator experts as its Leader of the Centre for Accelerator Science.

Flinders University is working on the technology behind future water recycling.

Engineers are taking design tips from the humble bumblebee.

Engineers are using high-frequency sound waves can be used to build new materials.

The NSW Premier has been accused of making decisions suggested by developers against departmental advice.

Eighteen months after cracks appeared in Sydney’s Mascot Towers, many residents have no answers and no options.

Federal funds will allow gas firm Jemena to test injecting biomethane into the NSW natural gas network.

Green tea and some high-tech materials could make gene therapy more affordable.

An ex-Raytheon engineer has been sentenced to prison for taking technical information to China.

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