Australian scientists may have been the first to witness the end of a neutron star as it was engulfed by a black hole.

Several Queensland OHS officials are under investigation for allegedly giving confidential information to the CFMMEU.

Australian researchers have discovered a way to find and beat superbugs, providing a critical breakthrough against many deadly infectious diseases.

Australia is the world's third-largest fossil fuel exporter, behind Russia and Saudi Arabia, new stats show.

Australian researchers are farming a puffy pink seaweed that can stop cows from burping out methane.

A central figure in Australian industrial relations wants unions and big businesses to stop shouting at each other.

July has been declared the world’s hottest month since records began.

Australian researchers have found a simple way to unlock the nanoscale world on standard biology lab equipment.

Japanese researchers have built a robotic tail to keep elderly people from falling over.

Lawyers fear Australia could be more open to hacks and leaks after a recent High Court ruling.

The United States will spend $305 million on military aircraft upgrades in the Northern Territory.

Victoria will hold its own inquiry into the feasibility and suitability of the nuclear power.

A skills shortage could put Australia’s infrastructure pipeline in danger.

NBN chief Stephen Rue denies the national network is a “cut-price lemon”.

Fish gun, salmon cannon, call it what you will, a video of fish being flung through a tube has captivated millions this week.

Japanese researchers are working on ways to select the gender of human offspring.

Australia is spending $3 billion on new weapons and body armour for special forces soldiers.

Gas company Inpex has been fined $12,600 for evaporating water containing PFAS over Darwin Harbour.

The Victorian government is moving to legislate a renewable energy target of 50 per cent by 2030.

ASIC says it will find out whether Australia’s biggest companies have properly disclosed their risk from climate change.

The Business Council of Australia wants employers to get their workers behind productivity-boosting workplace reforms.

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