University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has won a global award for home service robotics.

Australians could see a $270 a year cut to their electricity bills with a gas reservation policy, new analysis suggests.

Research has found significant sexism and discrimination within Australia's largest defence companies.

The recycling industry wants to kickstart the domestic market to reduce the reliance on Asian countries.

Australia’s emissions are at the highest on record, driven by an increase in emissions from the electricity sector.

A new device could solve two problems in one stroke – producing both electricity and clean water using sunlight.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is responding to concerns about the safety culture at Regional Express Airlines (Rex).

The Morrison government has launched a review of workplace laws.

Experts say the global liquefied natural gas (LNG) boom could contribute to climate change as much as coal.

Another miniature Australian satellite will soon be in orbit.

Authorities have proposed a groundwater ban in part of Adelaide because of contamination from uranium and degreasing chemicals.

South Australia's Mining Act reform has passed the Lower House despite four Liberal MPs crossing the floor to vote against it.

An analysis has found that some states are well on the way to meeting their renewable energy commitments.

Australian researchers have described the first ever observation of a native ferroelectric metal.

Samsung is facing federal court action over alleged false claims about the water resistance of its ‘Galaxy’ branded mobile phones.

There are new claims that the Murray Darling scheme has become a colossal waste of money.

Australian surgeons have restored a high degree of arm and hand movement to patients with tetraplegia - paralysis of both upper and lower limbs.

A new study says Australia should consider nuclear reactors as a realistic option to confront its deepening energy crisis.

Crisis talks have been called after the death of a worker in a Queensland coal mine.

MIT has announced plans to set up a new research centre in Adelaide's Lot Fourteen CBD innovation precinct.

New research shows women working in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields are facing barriers that require attitude changes and additional support.

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