A ‘sun shield’ made from an ultra-thin film shows promise as a weapon in the fight against coral bleaching.

Plans are proceeding for a nuclear waste dump in South Australia’s outback.

Exploration is increasing despite the NT’s fracking ban.

Australian researchers have created a incredibly sensitive new device that uses a single atom as its sensor.

A fleet of wind and solar-powered ocean drones will soon capture valuable data off Australian coasts.

The Chinese space station Tiangong-1 should crash somewhere on Earth around Easter.

Adani's plan to drain billions of litres of groundwater could destroy one of the world's last unspoiled desert oases.

The Tasmanian Government wants compensation for the 2015 undersea power cable outage.

AEMO says an additional 850 megawatts of dispatchable generation capacity could be needed ...

A rise in emissions has led green groups to urge the NT to introduce a targeted climate policy.

Funding has been provided for two large-scale, grid-connected batteries to shore up Victoria’s power supplies.

Australian engineers are using advanced crystal technology to allow submarines to stay submerged longer ...

Australian scientists have developed a world-first, graphene-based filter that can remove more than 99 per cent of organic matter ...

A woman has been killed by one of Uber’s self-driving cars.

Plans to build a wind farm between Canberra and Goulburn have been withdrawn.

One of Bill Gates’ companies has launched a new project to build a traveling wave nuclear reactor.

Most Australians accept mining and have positive views of its economic role, but they hold low levels of trust in in the industry, according to a new survey.

The NSW Government has laid out the state's infrastructure strategy for the next 20 years.

Queensland will host the construction of new defence vehicles, leading Victoria to claim it has been snubbed.

The Greens have proposed banning the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030.

The CFMEU and 19 officials have been fined $817,500 over building site shutdowns in Queensland.

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