Economists say the long-awaited transition away from a mining-based economy may actually be happening.

Tasmania’s new planning laws could invite corruption and political interference.

Marine microbes are the heart of ocean ecosystems, but it has been almost impossible to study them in their natural environment.

Adani says India still needs imported coal, even though the Government is pushing for self-sufficiency.

Scientists have set a new record for cooling molecules.

Queensland researchers have tied crystals in a knot.

Building fire experts have called for important reforms in the wake of the Grenfell Tower blaze.

MIT has made another step towards nuclear fusion technology.

Malcolm Turnbull says his Government will not build new coal-fired power stations ...

The SA Government wants to expand its clean power industry beyond just generation with the $150 million Renewable Technology Fund (RTF).

The Queensland Government has passed legislation banning underground coal gasification (UCG).

Harvard University researchers say Exxon Mobil has intentionally misrepresented climate science.

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency will fund a new $12 million battery in South Australia.

A modular artificial reef will soon be suspended near the Sydney Opera House.

An expert on the mafia says big public works are big targets for organised crime.

A senior CFMEU official has questioned the looming merger of Australia’s biggest unions.

Federal environmental approval has been granted for the Urquhart bauxite project in Queensland.

A mining lobby has joined has laid out a 15-year roadmap to deliver Australia’s major new mines of the future.

Australian researchers have removed a major stumbling block preventing zinc-air batteries from overtaking lithium-ion.

Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg has reflected on the changing state of Australia’s energy system.

Leaked documents have revealed the role that Australia’s secretive Pine Gap base plays on US battlefields.

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