Experts have given an inside tour of the water recycling facilities at some of our top sporting venues.

Industry analysts have backed plans for a tunnel in Perth, part of the controversial Perth Freight Link.

Nearly 10 years after the Beaconsfield mine collapse left one worker dead and two others trapped underground, safety laws are still not strong enough.

International attention has been drawn to the CSG industry in Queensland on the back of a YouTube video.

An industry insider says Australia needs full-scale testing of all cladding materials for fire safety.

The Queensland Government has passed laws to avoid having to pick up the tab when big firms fail.

Solar Impulse 2 (SI2) has completed the latest leg of its journey around the world without consuming a drop of fuel.

The Victorian Government will take more royalties from some of the least efficient power stations in the country.

The Federal Government has moved to combat the oversupply of Chinese steel.

Scientists have used ‘mini-brains’ grown in the lab to test the effects of the Zika virus.

It will cost $93 million to start the cleanup of Clive Palmer's Yabulu nickel refinery, the Queensland Government says.

Australia's leading scientists are concerned that the CSIRO will lose millions of dollars in international grants.

Tech giant Intel has undertaken a ‘restructuring initiative’, which consists largely of sacking 12,000 workers.

The Prime Minister has announced a $3 billion program that will see 12 offshore patrol vessels built in Adelaide and WA.

Underground coal gasification (UCG) will soon be banned in Queensland.

Engineers have unveiled what could be the next big thing in oil spill cleanup.

Another day, another baby step on the path to quantum computing.

The union-busting starts today.

Iron ore magnate Gina Rinehart says things are rough in the resources sector, but northern Australia still has incredible development opportunities.

Renowned US environmentalist Bill McKibben has given a clear warning to the Tasmanian Government that things will get worse.

Telstra's chief technology officer says “innovation” is at risk of becoming a meaningless buzzword.

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