The WA Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) has been held up as an example for women in leadership roles.

A University of Sydney researcher has successfully tested a method for docking and refuelling drones in mid-air.

The Tax Office is chasing BHP Billiton for more than $500 million in payments it avoided by shovelling profits overseas.

Graphite exploration firm Triton Minerals has announced a major deal that will see $255 million invested into its operations in Mozambique.

Australian researchers have unveiled a device that can measure both the mass and the shape of a single molecule - a feat that was impossible until now.

Flinders University engineering students have unveiled ground-breaking new technology for detecting human life using remote cameras.

The last model of Toyota cars to be built in Australia has begun its production run.

Australian engineers have created a full-colour 3D display, which appears to pop off the screen – basically, a hologram.

Chinese scientists have modified the genes of a human embryo, but say the technology is not ready yet.

Construction company John Holland has been fined $110,000 over an injury to one of its workers.

Approval has been granted for a new uranium mine in WA.

Economic analysts have warned that the Northern Territory has too many eggs in one basket, and is quickly approaching a “construction cliff”.

One Tasmanian council is making bold moves to cut costs through renewable energy.

New research says Australia could go 100 per cent renewable, with a few good policies.

Experts have checked the possible effects of one method of carbon sequestration – injecting CO2 into aquifers.

China will invest $46 billion in Pakistan to expand its energy and transport infrastructure.

Scientists are testing a drone that drops beneficial insects onto crops.

Researchers have created an exciting artificial photosynthesis system, which captures carbon dioxide and uses solar energy to convert it into plastic products and fuel.

Engineers at Disney Research Labs have made some improvements on their fabric-based 3D-printer, which can churn out anything from a blanket to a teddy bear.

A team of twelve architecture students have travelled to the remote Indigenous communities of Areyonga and Amoonguna in the Northern Territory to build much-needed structures for the local communities.

Bio-engineers have grown cardiac tissue on a bed of genetically-engineered spiderweb.

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