Chicken wire linked on the nano-scale could be the key to real-time, high throughput DNA sequencing, which would revolutionise medical research and testing.

Australian research engineers have created a ‘Google Maps’ view of the body.

Australian researchers are taking a high-tech approach to safety lighting, with a new system that is well aware of its own faults.

Experts have embarked on a quest to build the next generation of robotic underwater mining systems.

Biomedical engineers have developed the first fully implantable micro-pacemaker designed for use in a foetus.

A new age of solar energy and information is dawning in Queensland.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for global support on Beijing's ideas for a new development bank, and Australia may take him up.

More Government-funded research into the health effects of wind farms will be undertaken.

The University of Sydney will surround a reef with robotic eyes, to spy on the creatures that live there.

Robots will change the Australian workforce in the next decade, according to some.

In an attempt to reduce the smog that envelops China’s major cities, authorities have produced a hydrogen-powered tram.

Research engineers have discovered how to control heat (and possibly sound) with a magnetic field.

Australian researchers have developed an exciting new membrane that can clean water in a much more energy efficient manner.

A new style of safety barrier will soon begin reducing deaths on the road.

A new report has named Australia’s top 10 polluters, and unsurprisingly, they do not appear to like renewable energy.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott appears to agree that Victoria’s East West Link project is dead.

Costa Rica has filled 100 per cent of its 2015 energy demand with renewable sources.

Leighton Holdings is changing its name to avoid corruption allegations.

The Federal Government is in fresh talks about the renewable energy target today, with just a week left before a deadline that forces emissions-intensive producers to pay fines.

Researchers are working on an advanced suite of diagnostic simulation tools in South Australia.

An incredible new technique could be the next big advance in 3D-printing.

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