Spanish architects have unveiled plans for floating farm factories to feed the world when the ocean takes over the land.

A mining firm and a bastion of academia will join forces to boost science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) opportunities for Indigenous Australians.

Hundreds of international scientists and engineers have visited a big dish in the desert of WA.

A New South Wales winery has been fined after a violent explosion left one man dead, and an engineering firm could be made to pay too.

Australian manufacturing, climate change and nuclear energy will be some of the key topics when engineers descend on Melbourne for Convention 2014.

Environmental activists have launched an assault on NSW railways.

A push to ramp-up Australia’s uranium industry continues, with exploration permits handed out for new grounds in the Northern Territory.

A big campaign has been launched this week to push for an Australian domestic gas reservation policy.

Big concerns for the future of many Australian jobs, with tough times forecast in major industries.

New investigations have shown just how much money Australia’s biggest companies are avoiding paying in tax.

Contracts are being signed but still no business case for an $8 billion infrastructure project in Victoria.

Researchers have investigated the impacts of certain gas ‘fracking’ techniques, and found that they can be more environmentally-friendly than wind or solar plants.

Australia could get to zero net emissions by 2050, without compromising prosperity or economic opportunities, data suggests.

More than forty companies that support the building, mining and energy industries say Federal Government moves could put thousands of jobs at risk.

Engineers in the US have invented a battery powered by molten metals which could be excellent for grid-level power storage.

Electrical engineers have developed a nanoscale device that can weigh a single photon and mechanically transport it for the first time.

A Japanese building firm says it wants to smash the tallest building record with one of the most ambitious projects in history.

Australia will seek to claw back billions of dollars that big mining, building and technology companies funnel out of the country to avoid tax.

A new peak body has been set up to represent the interests of the energy storage sector in Australia.

A glass tube and some chip packets could be the key to preventing millions of deaths, local students say.

A new report could test the resolve of infrastructure-friendly but ecologically-ignorant politicians.

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