‘Platooning’ trucks could be tested on Australian roads, with a national body indicating it is interested in the benefits of partly-automated transport.

Federal motoring body NRMA has called on the Coalition Government to address a mound of backlogged road projects in NSW.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority is looking at legal action against a drone operator who allegedly hit a triathlon runner with an unmanned aircraft in Western Australia.

A printer that prints organs made of human tissue has been enhanced by an international research effort.

A range of upgrades have been announced for Melbourne’s road and public transport networks.

Media investigations have shown the ongoing costs of the mining industry in New South Wales, with close to $9 million spent dealing with legacy mine issues in the last five years.

Nano-engineers keep finding Nano-engineers keep finding new uses for ‘nanoribbons’, and a recent research project makes the tiny strips much easier to create.new uses for ‘nanoribbons’, and a recent research project makes the tiny strips much easier to create.

Optogenetics - using light to turn neurons on and off - is one of the most intriguing and rapidly-expanding fields of medicine, and recent efforts may have brought the treatment to a new level.

Twenty-five Coalition lower house MPs have signed a petition asking for the aluminium smelting industry to be exempt from the Renewable Energy Target (RET).

A new robot could save millions of dollars across energy, water and gas pipe networks.

Entrants in the 2014 Solar Decathlon Europe have shown what the energy-conscious house of the future may include.

The first 100-storey building in the Southern Hemisphere has been approved for the Victorian Government, clearing the way for the 319-metre monolith.

A paralysed man has been able to move his hand for the first time in years, using the power of his mind and some cutting-edge technology.

Staff rallies will continue as CSIRO fights to preserve its ranks.

A giant robotic “ladybird” has been awarded for its contribution to the future of farming.

Australian and Chinese researchers will come together at new sites dedicated to advanced 3D-printing.

A trial for some high-tech water-saving equipment will continue, after reports of broad successacross Queensland's Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay regions.

A pair of high-tech gloves could help people learn how to read and write Braille, and they won’t have to pay too much attention.

Researchers have unveiled an experimental 36-core processor with a number of intriguing design points.

A combination of action and delays at ports across Western Australia this week, with the launch of plans for a massive new project while another hits a hitch.

One of the world’s best-known companies will buy a power outfit for over $17 billion.

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