A piece of equipment from one of mankind’s most astounding technological achievements has been sold at auction.

Governments have made a worldwide call for companies interested in building a huge Sydney roads project.

Though it may not be enough to stop the tide of unemployment rising in Australia’s automotive-manufacturing sector, one expert has a suggestion for way energy efficiency can boost local industries.

European scientists claim to have teleported quantum information across a three metre space.

There is plenty of gear to keep workers safe around heavy machinery on a construction site, but a new device aims to reduce risks by running equipment from a remote distance.

Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke says Australia should once again consider becoming a storage ground for the world’s nuclear waste.

FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil next month will have a particularly high-tech start, as the first ball of the world’s biggest sporting event is kicked by a paralysed teen in a robotic exoskeleton.

A new finding could add value to Australian iron, and reduce the need for rare-earth mineral mining.

Loose seatbelts have prompted the recall of 42,000 Holden Commodores.

The Queensland Government will build two rail corridors in the Galilee Basin, which it has declared a ‘State Development Area’.

Bio-engineers have developed a way to use molecules of DNA like scaffolding to build entirely new structures.

Ergon Energy has embarked on a half-million dollar effort to stop birds running into powerlines.

Telstra has begun winding-down services on its copper network, freeing-up the decades-old telecoms infrastructure for sale to NBN Co.

Environmental group Friends of The Earth is pushing for a ban on food products containing nanomaterials.

The house of the future may have just one kind of furniture.

An industry body has warned that mining and processing natural gas in giant offshore factories will cost thousands of onshore Australian jobs.

Industry analysts say Australia’s lack of engineers has been reversed, and there is now an oversupply in many sectors.

Some more details on the planned purchase of nearly 100 questionably-effective Joint Strike Fighters, with some talk that a vertical landing option could bring the cost even higher.

Holograms are not here yet, but we may soon be about half way to true 3D projection.

When big companies fail, it is often subcontractors such as logistics operators that feel the pain, but their plight has now been brought to the attention of the Federal Parliament.

A Japanese astronaut has bid farewell to his small robot companion, after the two spent six months together orbiting the Earth.

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