The journal Science has picked its top ten scientific achievements of the year, highlighting some incredible breakthroughs of 2014.

Queensland is looking at options to boost flood defences for Ipswich and Brisbane. 

Researchers are looking for one of the most mysterious substances in the universe, starting their search in a rural Victorian mine shaft.

The much-awaited business case for Melbourne’s slated $6.8 billion East West Link has been released following a change of government.

Government authorities say they have reached a milestone in the massive project to duplicate Victoria’s Princes Highway.

Engineers at DARPA – the US military’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency – have created a device that is as scary as it is astounding; a bullet than can change direction mid-air.

A new shed has opened in Darwin, and it is the kind that would make any heavy-machinery enthusiast weak at the knees and hot under the collar.

An international research team has developed a new “high-entropy” metal alloy with a higher strength-to-weight ratio than any other existing metal material.

An inquiry into two deaths at mining firm FMG’s Rail Camp One has heard that there may have been surveyor error involved in the collapse of buildings during the devastating Cyclone George.

New South Wales Government says it will breathe new life into Sydney, with the launch of its new planning strategy.

The National Broadband Network (NBN Co) and the Federal Government have signed deals with telcos Telstra and Optus to deliver the Coalition's version of high-speed broadband.

BHP Billiton has given a few more details on its big split and spin-off deal.

NASA’s newest space ship has made a 12,000 kilometre round trip to see if it could survive a 32,000km/h dive into the atmosphere.

Chemical engineers have developed a form of “artificial evolution”, which could be a big step towards the goal of man-made life forms.

The University of Sydney and Rio Tinto are extending their autonomous mining research partnership after several successful years.

One of Australia’s largest single power users has joined the push for a decision to be made on the Renewable Energy Target.

Electric car-maker Tesla has joined with electric everything-maker Panasonic to drive down the cost of batteries for anything from small devices to solar power stations.

The NSW and Australian Governments have announced the first construction contract for the multi-billion-dollar WestConnex project in Sydney.

Local researchers say they have broken the record for converting sunlight into electricity.

Research has shown that DNA can survive a flight through space and back into Earth's atmosphere, while keeping its genetic information intact.

Treasurer Joe Hockey has strongly linked the end of subsidies to Australian car manufacturing with the securing of trade agreements with Asian nations.

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