The Federal Government has revised its Fair and Lawful Building Sites Code, which could be the key to withholding infrastructure money from the new Victorian Government.

The ACT Government wants to remove the cap on donations to political parties, just weeks after dodgy developer donations were revealed.

A new rollout map for the latest version of the National Broadband Network (NBN) is on the way – the most recent chapter in a long-running quest to improve Australia’s internet.

Australian engineers are working on superconductor-powered wind turbines, complete with some mind-blowing improvements.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has revived one of the most contentious topics in the Australian political debate – nuclear power.

Experts say old television frequencies should be used to set up huge WiFi network, boosting internet access and productivity.

Two billion pixels have come together to form the most comprehensive three-dimensional view of Australia ever.

Australian scientists have used an underwater robot to show that Antarctic sea ice may be thicker than previously thought.

There is very little support for the Queensland Government’s plan to deregulate water for mining companies.

The consumer watchdog is taking the CFMEU to court over claims the union engaged in boycott conduct directed at concrete company Boral.

A Russian spacecraft carrying Italy's first female astronaut has safely docked with the International Space Station.

Giant fighting robots – a phrase that easily evokes a thousand sci-fi fantasies - could soon be very real.

A new device from Curtin University could drastically slash the cost of mineral exploration drilling.

Computer security experts have uncovered one of the most malicious pieces of software they have seen, and it could be a secret surveillance program for world governments.

Geoscience Australia has been recognised for its incredible work to strengthen community disaster resilience through advanced mapping and warning projects.

A new report details some of the mind-boggling conditions inside a nuclear reactor during a meltdown.

Protesters have rallied against potential changes to Queensland planning laws that they believe would fill their neighbourhoods with high-rises.

Western Australia’s resources sector workforce will be smashed over the coming decade, as companies cut costs during production and increase FIFO staff arrangements.

Attempts to visualise the size and shape of the universe have boggled even history’s greatest minds, but it is getting easier.

A new research facility will allow Australian engineers to grab hold of the future, and carve it with some incredible machinery.

Work on Australia’s largest mine ever will be underway long before its impacts are understood, reports say.

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