The much-lauded infrastructure project that saw $3 billion spent on a tunnel under the Brisbane River has been sold for a song.

Protests may be hindering safety for workers turning the first soil on the massive East West Link project, according to unions.

Authorities say things are progressing as they should on the Hunter Expressway in NSW, soon to cut a big chunk off transport times from Newcastle to the Hunter Valley.

It seemed work on CITIC Pacific's huge $10 billion Sino Iron project would never be complete, but now the company says its ready to move into its early production phase.

NASA will soon be able to build the tools it needs from a small factory in space, with the Agency’s plan to fly a 3-D printer up to the space station.

A hospital-grade lightweight blood flow imager has been cobbled together for around a hundred dollars by some US scientists, and they say it works perfectly.

A report has quantified the benefits of environmentally-minded building, with data showing the City of Sydney has saved millions with its Better Buildings Partnership.

Another technology is being tried as a potential replacement for silicon in computer processors, with scientists creating a CPU made from carbon nanotubes.

In extremely small scale technologies for some of the world’s most mind-boggling devices, there are factors at play that can ruin a project from a microscopic scale.

Everybody wants their own particle accelerator, but colliding hadrons in the comfort of the living room has been impossible for most – until now.

Improved health, a more active mind and free energy – it is hard to imagine a better combination of benefits from a single device.

A report says the figures behind the construction of the site for the 2022 FIFA world cup have been working their people to death, and will have to answer for a significant toll by the time the stadiums are complete.

Researchers at a German institute have claimed a new record for the highest efficiency ever achieved in a solar panel.

The University of Queensland was not at fault in the failed launch of the SCRAMSPACE rocket, according to the group that ran the range.

The government body that has been left holding the bag on Victoria’s $2 billion irrigation project says it has dropped behind schedule.

A regional council is trying to encourage residents not to build houses, shacks or shanties too close to frequently-flooding river edges.

Major project status has been awarded to an iron ore mining and export plan in South Australia, with costs forecast  in the neighbourhood of $5 billion.

As has been repeated many times since the federal election, the new Coalition government intends to be known for its infrastructure – the incoming regime is trying to put money where its mouth has been and present a business case for massive road projects.

A recent survey has shown a downturn in the amount of people working in the mining industry’s exploration sector, but seemingly no shortage of exploration going on.

The World Engineers Convention will be on in Melbourne this year after Australia won hosting rights for the world-first event.

An Australian company has received the go-ahead for an enormous project to build railways to carry resources across Western Australia.

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