A leaked internal report by NBN Co says the Liberal government’s plan will make less money and cost more, reports say.

Australian researchers have looked to the great repository of innovation for their latest creation – pinching designs from nature to create exciting new materials.

The developed world most certainly has a weight problem, and Australia is no exception, but a new device could use our own internal mechanisms to turn the tide against fatty habits. 

A new system developed by University of Adelaide engineers can model and predict temperatures within a building, promising significant reductions in commercial energy use.

A leading polymer chemist currently at Monash University has been awarded the 2013 Le Fèvre Memorial Prize by the Australian Academy of Science – the prize is in response to the researcher’s incredible work in the growing field of ‘molecular engineering’.

With partial approval recently given to Queensland’s Abbot Point coal port terminal expansions, GVK Hancock and Aurizon have announced a plan to start building the rail infrastructure that will move millions of tonnes from the Galilee Basin to coastal ports.

A high-tech and hauntingly beautiful new safety system is on trial in the UK, lighting up the night in the name of cyclist safety.

Biting at the heels of NASA’s latest launch, the space agency is preparing to send up a rocket to probe the atmosphere of Venus.

Some Australian universities are showing off their creations for the Formula SAE contest; a race to test students’ design and engineering skills.

A poll published by a finance news outlet has indicated a profound lack of trust in Qantas management from the company’s engineers and pilots.

A new device will take online food fetishism to new heights, enabling users to taste the internet.

Industry insiders reporting from the UN-sponsored climate change talks in Warsaw say the solutions to the energy market’s effect on the environment are already here.

The Australian Government is continuing its pledge to dissolve approval processes it deems unnecessary or duplicative, this week announcing a new ‘one-stop-shop’ environmental process for offshore petroleum and greenhouse gas storage activities.

The chief executive of a major mine pumping equipment supplier says Australia needs to ignore the concerns of environmentalists and other residents, and surge full-steam into coal seam gas extraction.

Researchers have come up with an astounding new technique; using X-ray lasers to determine the molecular structure of proteins – without any prior knowledge of what they look like.

A new research paper discusses ways to assess the most and least useful features of a given product, hoping to help programmers trim the fat and respond to demand in new releases.

The Gold Coast council has unveiled its plan for the city’s new arts precinct, and if nothing else it most certainly captures the spirit of the place.

A survey has shown that engineering students should be more aware of the public and social welfare issues in their projects, or risk focusing too much on the technical and not enough on the human element.

A study commissioned by the Australian Local Government Association says local councils around the country are underfunding the maintenance of their roads.

Queensland councils have taken hold of the reins on the state’s infrastructure and engineering advisory service.

Engineers in the US have developed a healthy method to make nanoscale gold rods in large quantities, with complete control over the rods' dimensions and optical properties.

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