The New South Wales Government has announced the start of construction of a new, high-tech data centre at Unaderra.


Minister for Finance and Services, Greg Pearce, said the new centre signifies the start of a new era of the State Government’s use of information and communications technology.


Joined by representatives of technology constructor Metronode, Mr Pearce said the new facility will help spearhead a new whole-of-government information and communications initiative.


“The Government understands that technology is going to be the backbone of how we deliver important services like health and education and how we support small business,” Mr Pearce said.


“This centre and one at Silverwater in Sydney’s west, will give the Government the storage and computing power it needs to phase out its inefficient data storage facilities.


“It will reduce costs, improve service delivery and employ cloud computing services as well as opportunities for agencies to share applications and processes.”


Mr Pearce said all NSW Government agencies would transfer data to the facilities within four years.


“The Government’s two largest data users, health and education, are anchor tenants at the new facilities, forming a strong relationship with Metronode that will eventually involve all agencies,” he said.


Mr Pearce said the new facilities were also a boost for the state and the region.


“We want to make NSW a destination for high-tech companies offering services in the rapidly expanding ICT sector.”


The two facilities are expected to be complete by late-2013, and will create upwards of 250 construction jobs.