The WA Government has banned uranium mining, but will allow four projects that have approval to proceed.

The NSW Government has approved a mine water treatment project aimed at improving Sydney's drinking water supplies.

Researchers have taken a new step toward commercial-scale, sustainable biofuel from algae.

Researchers have marked Australia’s first foray into space in 15 years ...

The National Computational Infrastructure (NCI)’s Raijin supercomputer has been ranked Australia’s fastest.

Melbourne's Lord Mayor says the city is “very close” to fixing potentially dangerous cladding at 17 of the city's buildings.

The boss of NSW’s largest electricity user says Australian politicians should be “brave” and consider nuclear energy.

Researchers have unveiled a new technique for stripping the cells out of the extracellular matrix surrounding them.

Stanford University engineers have developed a new way to charge devices wirelessly, while they are in motion.

Chinese scientists have smashed the quantum entanglement record.

Researchers have identified over 180 possible sites for pumped hydro energy storage across South Australia.

Researchers are investigating the idea of attaching defibrillators to drones.

Polling suggests Australians support a low emissions target over an ETS ...

Researchers are working on a new robotic tool for stroke survivors.

Barnaby Joyce says the lights would ‘go out’ if coal was phased out.

Engineers Australia says jobs are on the rise in WA.

Australian researchers have developed a way to store gas inside special materials, rather than pressurised tanks.

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) stats show exploration activity in Australia continues to fall.

A China Eastern Airlines plane was forced to turn back to Sydney this week after a massive hole was ripped in its engine cowling.

Norway’s Statoil has taken over permits to explore for oil in the Great Australian Bight.

AGL has announced plans for a new $295 million gas-fired power station at Torrens Island.

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