Australian researchers have developed a state-of-the-art sensor that can detect signalling molecules in the living brain.

Local government lobbies say China’s ban on imports of recyclable waste should be used as an opportunity for change.

A new centre dedicated to advanced medical 3D-printing has been launched this week.

A tech competition has led to the development of ‘smart steering wheels’ that can sense the early stages of driver fatigue.

The Victorian Government has opened its infrastructure plans up to a public vote.

Engineers have made a new oil spill sponge out of common waste products.

One large solar farm has been approved and another proposed for Tasmania’s north coast.

The Federal Government is loosening the requirements for NAIF funding.

State and territory energy ministers have agreed to continue discussions on the National Energy Guarantee (NEG).

The NT Government has announced it will lift its moratorium on fracking, triggering almost immediate protests.

The Federal Government is considering allowing energy companies to buy offsets to comply with the 26 per cent emissions reduction target under the NEG.

Chevron will proceed with the second stage of the multi-billion-dollar Gorgon project expansion off WA.

NASA is launching a new planet-hunting probe on the back of a SpaceX rocket this week.

Australian engineers have invented a tiny fibre-optic probe that can measure temperature and see deep inside the body.

The NSW Government is being sued by the sub-contractor for its Sydney light rail project.

A pilot 'clean energy' project in Victoria will use brown coal to make hydrogen.

Nuclear waste from Australia's only reactor will soon be exported for reprocessing and then re-imported.

Academics have started working on guidelines for war in outer space.

An official report reveals complaints about the NBN soared more than 200 per cent over the last six months of last year.

The Basslink power cable between Tasmania and Victoria will be out of action until the end of May.

New Zealand says it will stop issuing permits for offshore oil and gas exploration.

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