Optimism for future global investment in Australia is weak.

Major Hunter Valley mine plans have been knocked back again.

Workers are on strike at Adelaide’s ASC shipbuilding yards.

Australian scientists have come up with a new way to spin carbon fibre.

The Northern Territory Government has been accused of redirecting money meant for cleaning up old mines.

ARENA has approved a $450,000 pumped hydro energy storage project for South Australia.

Aurecon has appointed a new global managing director to helm its energy and resources business.

Australian engineers are working on a way to manipulate liquid metal to build circuits just a few atoms thick.

A new idea could bring nuclear fusion power even closer.

Upgrades to Adelaide’s underground water system have been accelerated.

Another SpaceX Falcon rocket is on its way to the International Space Station.

The Federal Government's $3.5 billion pledge to Sydney's WestConnex project has been criticised.

It is slow going at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, where high levels of radiation continue to hamper efforts.

Australia has been ranked 15th out of 115 countries for energy access, energy efficiency and renewable energy in a new World Bank report.

The federal energy minister may change the rules so that the CEFC can fund carbon capture.

A major energy generator says there will not be any new coal power stations built in Australia.

Australian researchers have used a laser to visualise helium atoms trapped within individual mineral grains.

Experts say WA will see power price hikes unless it realises how popular rooftop solar is.

An Adelaide company is using a CSIRO design to create the next generation of battery technology.

The Federal Government agency looking at Adani’s $1 billion loan request will not have to give details to the public.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has refined his line of attack on renewable energy.

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