Design 4 Health Conference 2017


This biennial event, hosted in December 2017 by the Centre for Design Innovation, Faculty of Health, Arts and Design at Swinburne University of Technology, and Lab4Living at Sheffield Hallam University’s Art and Design Research Centre, will be held outside of Europe for the first time, in the summer season of Melbourne, Australia.

The Centre for Design Innovation investigates and validates the key factors that underpin the design of products, services, systems, spaces, and symbols to improve the chance of user uptake and impact

Lab4Living, who established the conference, is an interdisciplinary research initiative that develops products and environments, and proposes creative strategies for dignified, independent and fulfilled living for all.

In December 2017, the biennial event invites the world of health and design practitioners and researchers to come together in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia at the start of our summer season. It’s the best time of year to see Australia, explore Victoria, and exchange the innovations that develop when health and design combine ideas and research for common purpose.

Sophisticated and stimulating, Melbourne is renowned as a city of arts, culture and sustainability, being voted the world’s most liveable city for three years in a row. A fabulous destination not just for a conference but in its own right, whether it is food, art, music, fashion, sport and beyond, Melbourne has something to offer everyone.

About the Conference

Design4Health is a biennial conference that brings together designers, health professionals and creative practitioners with researchers, clinicians, policy makers and users from across the world to discuss, disseminate and test their approaches and methods in the ever-changing nexus between design and health.

The conference will host a series of different events that will provide an active forum to explore how the disciplines of design and health might intersect to bring forth new ways of thinking and working in what is a dynamic, innovative and increasingly important area of research and practice. The central question is: How can we work together to achieve positive and sustainable impact on the social, economic and cultural factors within our communities and beyond.

Key Dates:
31st Oct 2017: Deadline for abstract and artefact submissions
6th Nov 2017: First Edition: Conference timetable of presentations, exhibits, and room allocations published online.
4th to 7th Dec 2017: Design4Health Conference Event at the Melbourne Cricket Ground

For further information and registration details, please visit our website.