A building that will house the world's largest tokamak fusion reactor is now complete.

The WA Government was warned that Carnegie Clean Energy was a big financial risk before giving is $2.6 million in taxpayer funds, reports say.

BHP has announced its new CEO.

Astronomers have spotted an ultrafast star travelling at 6 million km/h for the last five million years.

The Productivity Commission says important transport reforms need to be sped up.

A new artificial intelligence (AI) program has gone public, while the Federal Government releases new AI guidelines.

Taxpayers face a big bill if a buyer cannot be found for a rust-riddled oil platform.

A new natural gas processing plant will be built in Darwin.

A majority of residents in the SA town of Kimba have voted in favour of a nuclear waste dump.

Researchers in the US have developed a material that bends and moves to face the light, just like sunflowers.

Whitehaven Coal Maules Creek mine is being investigated over its groundwater use.

A new, open-source genetic database has been developed by Australian and North American researchers.

Over 11,000 scientists from more than 150 countries have endorsed the declaration of a climate emergency.

Experts say companies that fight hard to avoid tax should not be granted government contracts.

A list of 444 NSW buildings potentially clad in flammable material will not be made public.

An artificial intelligence system now ranks among the top 0.2 per cent of human players in StarCraft II.

The Federal Government has been praised for “mimicking” its opposition’s energy plan.

Authorities in New Delhi have declared a public health emergency due to incredible levels of air pollution.

CSIRO engineers have developed a new scanning device that can give a full panoramic view of an underground coal mine.

An expert says engineers may have to design androids to avoid unhelpful racial stereotypes.

Reports say job applicants are being forced to give blood tests and waive privacy rights to work on Shell's QGC project.

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