A device which will likely save some farmers’ lives has won “Best New Safety Product or Innovation” award at Agfest.

Canadian engineers have shown off their early prototype for what could be an entirely new category of mobile device.

One of the key people behind Queensland’s environmental policies is also a manager in the coal sector.

Necessity was the mother of an invention which could improve access for the wheelchair-bound worldwide.

BHP says it has tasted success and will continue trials of driverless trucks.

Energy engineers say floating nuclear power plants could avoid some of the pitfalls of their land-based predecessors.

A perplexing attempt to secure a major project seems to have fallen through, with Padbury Mining calling off its Oakejee plan.

State and territory leaders have agreed to sell off their assets in exchange for federal infrastructure money.

Australian experts have helped add to the periodic table, confirming the discovery of its latest element.

The university sector will be waiting to hear its funding future, with a number of recommendations to reduce the role of public money.

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