A joint state and federal funding scheme will see millions spent showing new ways to use brown coal.

The Communications Minister has been caught contradicting his own department’s figures in his attempt to spruik the Coalition’s NBN model.

An expensive few days at Leighton Holdings, as the engineering and construction giant pays out a $70 million class action and gives a $23 million golden handshake to two departing executives.

One of Australia’s largest coal supporters has given a glimpse of how much money it costs to “do business in New South Wales”.

Japan's Industry Ministry has given a glimpse of the soil-freezing technique it hopes will stop the spread of a radioactive material from the Fukushima nuclear disaster site.

Australian treasury cost-cutters appear to have scoured legislation for any mention of “clean”, “green” or “renewable” spending, and promptly hacked it down.

In a truly incredible breakthrough, scientists have engineered a bacterium with three pairs of DNA bases, rather than two.

An independent inquiry has found environmental conditions on a central Queensland port expansion were virtually meaningless.

Australia’s research industries have been reformed after last night’s budget announcements, with healthy boosts in some areas but deep cuts in others.

An Australian expert has put forth a proposal that could protect the nation from water scarcity for generations.

A charity has put together a book that may be the perfect combination of practical and academic advice to save lives.

China has signed a deal to build the first stage of a line that will cross several African nations.

Sensing chemicals is one of the fundamental tasks in almost every biological process, but engineers have now taken this natural ability and re-purposed it for technological use.

A wastewater treatment site in South Australia is looking to solve two problems with one high-tech fix.

As robots begin to have an increasing presence in our lives, it is likely that they will greatly annoy some people, luckily, researchers are planning for this.

The Queensland Government is pushing for a $16 billion coal development in the Galilee Basin.

The advance of solar energy is linked to the surfaces on which panels can be stuck, and a new project adds roads and highways to that list.

The Federal Government has given more details of a large funding pool created to help displaced auto-workers find new jobs.

Architecture students have helped design and build innovative outdoor homes for a remote Indigenous community in the Northern Territory.

Australia’s wizards of titanium printing have unveiled their latest product - a mouthpiece that could save lives.

Engineers have used a genetic approach to create a material that can protect against electromagnetic radiation over a wide range of wavelengths.

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