Malcolm Turnbull has faced waves of criticism before he has even been able to sit at his new desk.

A new material could form the basis for the next generation of digital storage.

The City of Melbourne has bagged a fairly prestigious award for its green thinking in urban design.

The Queensland Government has made moves to make it harder for builders to interfere the Building Services Authority (BSA) on disputes.

Scientists at the University of Queensland have achieved quantum teleportation within an electronic chip, transmitting an atom instantly from one place to another.

The Queensland Premier has revived a plan to spend billions for more rail access over the Brisbane River, but some residents wonder if it will be funded by money put aside for much-needed highway repairs.

Australian-based engineering consultant Sinclair Knight Merz has been bought out by Californian giant Jacobs Engineering for over a billion dollars.

It is hard to imagine the trip from Melbourne to Geelong taking several days, but that was the case before the construction of a highway which has now been awarded for its contribution to Australian life.

A team of research engineers have achieved the highest strength ever recorded for robotic muscles.

Toyota has initiated a worldwide recall of 370,000 cars including 2500 from Australia, whose faulty electrics could mean the trip home becomes a crawling limp.

Research published in the new Nature Communications journal proposes building the next generation of transistors and computer chips out of graphene assembled by strands of DNA.

There has been outrage in one NSW community after an underground coal mine was blamed for considerably damaging the nearby environment.

A recent agreement has secured WA jobs in many trades for a number of years, with one group scoring a billion dollar contract to build large parts of a massive mine.

There will be some worried exchanges at one of Australia’s top technology research groups today, with word the new federal government may look to slash funding in the future.

A study by the University of New South Wales, CSIRO, the University of Sydney, and the University of California has tallied the true material footprint of several nations, revealing that some are considerably more resource-hungry than previously reported.

The University of Queensland is brokering exchanges between fire-fighters and engineers to make sure buildings in the future are designed with fire safety as a top priority.

Resource companies are being urged to hold on for a massive rail and port project in Western Australia, after work was stopped on the $6 billion development.

The Australian Energy Regulator says there could be benefits to several states if key infrastructure is upgraded.

A Greens party member in New South Wales has unleashed on a plan to build a desalination plant in the Hunter Valley, saying increased water prices would place a big burden on taxpayers.

Over $500 million will be spent in ongoing efforts to fix the continuous stream of irradiated water flowing around the ruined Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear reactor, the announcement of the funding has preceded the largest recorded spike in radiation levels since the disaster.

Some of the major engineering groups in Australia say they have a long list of debts owed from resource and construction companies, but they are concerned that slowing profits in the sectosr could mean they never get what is owed.

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