Almost no-one likes putting in eye drops, and studies have shown that a number of factors make them a fairly ineffective way to dispense medicine – now a new device may end the age of ocular inconvenience and injury for many.

The Sun is still seen by some as an inconsistent resource, but developments in the US will help grab a hold of its unending power supplies in a cheaper, more efficient and more flexible way.

Engineers in the United States have taken a pre-World War II computer technology, made it so small it can no longer be seen, and put it in a box.

A recent awards night has highlighted the success of many engineering, logistics and other built environment firms, praising the hard work of thousands during billions of dollars worth of infrastructure projects.

The future of the iconic Australian car brand Holden hangs in the balance, with a lack of support from the federal government possibly condemning hundreds of engineers to unemployment.

Two engineers will embark on major research projects for cancer drug delivery and nano-sensors, thanks to funding from the Australian Research Council.

A bill is being considered which will hand more control to Queensland governments for approval of mining leases, but some say it does not go far enough.

A lively new polymer is being developed that can change its shaped based on internal programming.

Two firms have been recognised for their safety-conscious engineering efforts in Queensland.

A new model has been created to show, with enhanced clarity, the best ways for mining companies to manage water resources and other environmental assets.

Approval has been given to a new 100MW wind farm in South Australia, with Pacific Hydro set to embark on the 42-turbine $240 million build.

One billionaire has made a strikingly optimistic investment, banking on an invention which does not yet exist.

The New South Wales Government is looking to drum up cash by letting go of some goods, starting with all the state’s renewable energy assets.

Everybody knows someone with the memory of a goldfish or the grace of a boar, but it is important to note that we are animals too – and for the most part not that much smarter than our biological neighbours.

One of the oldest challenges in the teaching profession is keeping students interested in maths and science - this is as true in Australian schools as it is in German ones, according to researchers in a new study aimed at boosting kids’ interest in the art of arithmetic.

Engineers have been working for decades on the best way to harness the power of thermionic conversion, hoping to develop an efficient way to draw electricity from any source of heat.

The Victorian Government has reserved the right not to flood private properties with dam-water, even if the Federal Government tells it to.

Australia’s consumer watchdog has barked-down claims about the alleged danger of nano-materials in sunscreen.

An environmental engineer has developed and enacted plans for a single site which could process human waste and harvest oil and gas without harmful emissions.

The New South Wales Information and Privacy Commission says Transport for NSW has been too secretive about the massive $8.3 billion north-west rail link.

The excellent efforts of a team of first-year engineers have been rewarded, celebrating the creative solutions to real-world problems that young minds can produce.

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