One of Australia’s major energy companies has put up half a million dollars for its own supercomputer to crunch data from oil and gas explorations.

Recent research has found that high frequency sounds can improve solar cell efficiency, suggesting photo-voltaics enjoy guitar solos as much as the rest of us.

A new technique has been developed by a team of Australian scientists that will speed production of microalgae – used in everything from biofuels to medical compounds and even soap.

In a new development that some may find disconcerting, researchers in the US have made a knife-wielding robot smarter and capable of making its own decisions.

Three big players have come together for a joint venture which should see them deliver a seven-year road asset management project for Syney's South Zone.

A Victorian Government grant has allowed engineering students at Swinburne to look skyward for a sustainable method of air travel.

An extreme offer has been made to over 300 Qantas engineering staff in a bid to save jobs.

An Australian university-backed start-up has taken home a large portion of the winner’s pie at the Tech23 2013 awards, bagging five of the 34 possible prizes.

BHP Billiton has bailed on its plan for a rail and port project in Queensland, after being told that the current facilities are good enough.

A report by industry consultants and university researchers says nearly 40,000 jobs would be lost if car makers pulled out of Australia this decade.

Speculation about two mysterious barges docked in US ports has lit up the tech-world in the last two weeks, but guessing is still all anyone can do as the inexplicable ships give up none of their secrets.

The world’s greatest supercomputers still look like crude counting tools compared to the human brain, but a new chip has pinched a human technique for improving the efficiency of computation.

A new system which could allow greater control over anaesthesia and induced comas has seen positive results from early tests.

Many will have heard Tony Abbott’s repeated promise that WorkChoices is “dead, buried and cremated”, but the watchdog created to enforce the old laws is coming back – and sporting a shiny new collar.

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