There is one Twitter employee whose disproportionate paycheque is no doubt the talk of the water cooler, after revelations one engineer is paid $10 million a year for his skills.

A breakthrough at the Australian National University’s School of Chemistry could open a path for further size reductions in some of the world’s smallest electronics.

Figures reportedly obtained by Australian media sources show work on Tasmanian sections of the National Broadband Network has ground to a halt.

A $6 million research partnership should allow a clean-burning synthetic fuel to hit the market, with CSIRO and its Indian equivalent coming together to light-up the new power supply.

A survey has revealed a considerable boom in the issue of patents for and investments in renewable energy.

A team has created a device which can only deliver very little, but also gives out a lot.

New research shows very few women leave top jobs to have children - and it is a needless gender barrier that keeps many out of careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

An environmental impact study has been released for a proposed export facility at Port Bonython in South Australia, finding it could affect the seasonal cycles of giant Australian cuttlefish.

It may not work for mice, but the Wildlife Conservation Society and Kenyan marine authorities have built a better fish trap.

A new level has been set in the world of robotics, with engineers unveiling the fastest robotic runner ever built.

The risk of buying clothes online is well-known to shoppers these days, but science may help remove that fear.

The Victorian Government has had to justify the business case underpinning a multi-billion dollar tunnel project, which is already underway.

A milestone has been passed on the path to a paradigm shift in energy production.

Rail is on the rise across the country, according to a report from the Australasian Railway Association.

The 2013 World Solar Challenge is on to test, compare and showcase the current level of solar-powered transport across the globe.

A new polymer has been created which emits white light more efficiently than organic LEDs.

A mysterious new company is aiming to print wooden furniture in three dimensions.

A new storage medium is being developed in Australia which could make blu-ray seem like a floppy disc.

Mining giant Rio Tinto is helping usher in the robot revolution, with its plan to replace some of the world’s highest-paid train drivers with robotic equivalents.

A new centre at an Australian university wants to create a new way to get young students into studying education in science, engineering and health.

An event this week has shown 50 high-achieving Year 10 girls what future awaits them in the worlds of engineering or IT.

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