There are now dozens of home 3D printers that anyone can purchase and use, but building things at home is set to become even easier with the announcement that the next version of Windows will support the additive manufacturing revolution.

Microsoft has answered the cries of many users battling with third-party solutions for the futuristic problems of trying to design and build objects at home. Currently printers require several apps and devices that may not always work well together without losing metadata or other fine details from files and scans.

Windows 8.1 will attempt to slash the process down to a simple Ctrl+P manoeuvre, creating a new XML-based data format known as 3D Manufacturing Format (3MF), which will include everything a 3D printer needs to perform a print job. The format will be open to 3D printer companies to add their own custom data as well.

The Windows update will reportedly be launched in October, supposedly available for free to current Windows 8 users.