The City of Sydney has announced it has voted to increase the council’s contribution to the South East Sydney light rail project from $180 million to $220 million.

The announcement has been welcomed by the Australasian Railway Association (ARA), with CEO Bryan Nye describing it as crucial to improving the city.

“This light rail project will dynamically change the Sydney CBD landscape, making it a better place to live, a more convenient place to visit and a more exciting place to work”, said Mr Bryan Nye.

“We welcome the increased financial commitment from the City of Sydney, and we look forward to further progress on what will be a city-changing piece of infrastructure”, Mr Nye went on to say.

One light rail line can move 10,000 people an hour, while the same space dedicated to road can move only 800 carsor 140 bus services.

“The pedestrian-isation of a significant chunk of George Street that this project will facilitate is effectively giving part of the CBD back to the people, thereby activating the city’s heart and stimulating the entire Sydney economy” continued Mr Nye.