Singapore says it could do with some Australian assistance in the healthcare, infrastructure and education sectors, with plenty of opportunities to benefit.

“Singapore is at a turning point, and Prime Minister Lee spoke in detail about the strategy for meeting the challenges ahead,” Australian Trade Commission’s Senior Trade Commissioner, Singapore, Christopher Rees, said, “these plans open the way for Australian companies specialising in healthcare, infrastructure and education, and we’re here to assist them in this important market.”

In a two-hour long speech Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong detailed his plan to tackle the serious changes faced by the county: “Our population is ageing, society is becoming more stratified and less mobile, with children of successful Singaporeans more likely to do well,” he said.

Mr Rees says government plans to expand healthcare for the elderly and double the size of the nation’s airport could be a golden opportunity for Australian aged-care and infrastructure companies.

“Enhancements to Singapore’s national medical insurance plan, Medishield Life, indicate opportunities for systems-integration engineers and other e-health specialists,” Mr Rees said, “architects and other residential infrastructure firms have a lot to offer here, particularly those that specialise in urban development and maximising small spaces.”

He also noted Singapore’s plans to build a fifth terminal at Changi Airport and overhaul several existing terminals showed its determination to remain South-East Asia’s aviation hub.

“This project includes shops, restaurants and a large indoor garden, which offers scope to many Australian companies with expertise in aviation infrastructure and development,” Mr Rees said.