The Queensland State Government has announced an ambitious $14.3 million project to provide long-term flood protection for Charleville, in the state's south.


The project will include major works including the diverting Bradley’s Gully tributary into the Warrego River upstream of the town and raising the existing levee bank along the Warrego River.


The Queensland Government will contribute $13.2 million and Murweh Shire Council will provide $1.1 million.


In April 1990, Charleville sustained a record flood affecting more than 1000 residences and causing 3000 people to be evacuated, the town suffered flooding again in 1997, 2004, 2008, and 2010 causing Queensland and Federal Governments to pay out more than $21 million in disaster relief and recovery payments between 1995 and 2010 to restore essential assets and services for the town.


In 2008, at a cost of about $6 million, Stage 1 of the Charleville levee was completed to provide protection up to the 1997 flood level (7.39m).


Queensland Premier Anna Bligh said Charleville was unique in that it had to contend with not only the Warrego River but also a major tributary, Bradley’s Gully, which flowed directly through the town during floods.

“The only way to provide long term flood mitigation is to address both the river and Bradley’s Gully,” she said.


Ms Bligh said a report by engineering consultants SMEC, funded by the Queensland Government, was finalised in May 2011 and made recommendations.

As a result the following works will take place:

  • Raise the Levee (Stage 2) to provide protection up to the 1990 flood level (8.54m) at a cost of $5.6 million
  • Divert Bradley’s Gully ($7.7 million), and
  • Address upstream impacts as a result of the diversion ($1 million)

SMEC estimates a detailed design brief and hydrological modelling could take 4 months, tender and selection process 3 months, and construction 6 months.


It’s hoped the flood mitigation project could be completed prior to the 2012-2013 wet season.


The project will be overseen by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority.