The National Broadband Network Co (NBN Co) has revised its rollout schedule of the mega-project, acknowledging a three-month delay to the decade long rollout.

Following a board meeting earlier this week, the NBN Co Board found that delays to construction contractor work had progressed at a slower rate than forecasted.

The June 2013 Corporate Plan target of passing 341,000 premises with fibre is now expected to be achieved about three months later. Between 190,000 and 220,000 premises are now forecast to be passed by fibre by end June.

NBN Co CEO, Mike Quigley, said: “We are accountable for the delay and are disappointed it has occurred.

“We work closely with our suppliers across all parts of our network to build and monitor their progress to ensure each individual element is ready within the required timeframe.

“In the case of the volume fibre rollout, NBN Co’s public projections have been underpinned by commitments from our four construction contractors that they would meet the June 30 target.

According to Mr. Quigley, other major deliverables for the NBN's fibre network are tracking well.