Monash University has announced the opening of its new Monash Centre for Additive Manufacturing (M-CAM), which has been established to drive the establishment of a high-end, waste-free, tailored manufacturing for the aerospace industry.

Launched by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Anna Burke, the facility is one of most advanced of its kind in Australia, with representatives from Mictroturbo, European Space Agency, NASA Langley Research Centre, Airbus, BAE Systems and Carpenter Technology USA all attending the launch.

Monash University Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Ed Byrne said the combination of expertise and high-end facilities at M-CAM were world-class.

"Additive manufacturing is a transformative technology - it has been described as underpinning a new industrial revolution. At Monash we have recognised this potential and actively sought to recruit the knowledge and build the infrastructure required to be a regional, if not global, leader in the field," Professor Byrne said.

Australia provides 51 per cent of the world's titanium ore - a material considered vital for aerospace innovation. With an initial focus on titanium and nickel high performance alloys, M-CAM will provide leadership in the establishment of an Australian aerospace industry while value-adding to the country's titanium production.