The delivery of major projects around Queensland has highlighted the pressing need for targeting skilling programs, according to a recently released report.

The report, produced by Construction Skills Queensland in partnership with Queensland Major Contractors Association (QMCA), found that the construction industry was facing acute skills issues, such as ensuring that it has access to the right skills at the right time.

The report shows major project work will remain at record levels through 2013 and 2014. The report did not include projects under $100 million and reconstruction work, both of which are expected to require large numbers of building and construction workers.

The report concluded that the major projects construction boom is set to fall by as much as $7.5 billion over the coming four years.

"A decline of around 40 per cent is a serious investment challenge on the medium-term horizon," QMCA President Tony Hackett said in a statement.

Mr Hackett said that uncertainty over the future of projects, as well as declining productivity levels, fluctuating commodity prices and the drying up of the public investment well in large projects were all contributing to ongoing uncertainty in the sector.

"But acute uncertainty now surrounds the timing of a significant number of new projects, with many pushed back and a large number remaining unfunded,” Mr Hackett concluded.