The Federal Government has revealed the full extent of its $1 billion jobs package, which it says will support an ‘innovative and dynamic economy’ and will produce more Australian jobs.

Federal Minister for Industry and Innovation, Greg Gombet, said that the Plan for Australian Jobs sets out a detailed plan to help prepare the nation’s businesses for the opportunities of the Asian Century.

"Our Jobs Plan will back Australian firms to win more work at home, support Australian industry to grow, innovate and expand exports and help small and medium businesses to grow and create new jobs," Mr Combet said.

Mr Combet said that the new plan will provide more opportunities to help Australian businesses win contracts on large projects in sectors like mining, energy and infrastructure.

The Australian Jobs Bill 2013 will be introduced into Parliament in the upcoming sitting period.

"This legislation responds to local industry concerns and will require all projects with a capital expenditure of $500 million or more to have Australian Industry Participation Plans.

"This will open the door to at least $1.6 billion of extra work per year that currently bypasses Australian companies," Minister Combet said.

The Bill will also establish a new Australian Industry Participation Authority to give local businesses better access and support to compete for work in large Australian projects and to enter global supply chains.