The South Australian Employment, Higher Education and Skills Minister, Tom Kenyonhas announced that 26  STEM field courses identified as priorities for the State are now fee-free for the first time under the Skills for All reform of vocational education and training. 


The courses range from Certificate III level up to Advanced Diploma level.


“Our State’s future prosperity will rely on nurturing a culture of innovation and this means investing in skills which lead to jobs in the science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) fields,” Mr Kenyon said.


“STEM skills are critical in reaping the benefits of our emerging industries and digital economy. It’s critical that our two strategies, Skills for All and STEM, align with our public and private investment in research and development to support our knowledge-intensive advanced manufacturing and services sector.


“The 26 fee free courses include a Certificate III in Telecommunications – vital to ensuring the successful roll out of the National Broadband Network throughout South Australia – and an Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Technology – critical for jobs in our growing defence industry.


“The importance of our advanced manufacturing industry is also supported by a Diploma of Electrical Engineering,” Mr Kenyon said.


“Our vision is one where our next generation is highly skilled, embraces technology, and where our businesses prosper and grow in a globally competitive environment through innovation and an increase in productivity.


“This culture of learning, innovation and productivity will need to permeate through our community and industries across South Australia if we are to realise its full potential,” Mr Kenyon said.


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